Real Estate Programs and Services for Investors and Landlords in Bucks County, PA

Are you an investor or landlord looking for special programs and services in Bucks County, Pennsylvania? The Bucks County Housing Link offers a variety of housing programs and support services to individuals and families that can help you achieve your goals. From first-month rental assistance to long-term assistance programs, the goal is to expand the availability of affordable housing in the private rental market while providing significant benefits to landlords. The Bucks County Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program provides assistance to low and moderate-income homeowners for the repair and rehabilitation of their homes. In Chester County, the underlying premise of the CLR is to match housing initially evaluated in 1998 (or when a reevaluation occurred) and those currently built and appraised.

The Bucks Homeowners Incentive Program (BLIP) is designed to encourage greater collaboration between landlords, real estate agents, and Bucks County Housing Link. The ruling was in response to a challenge filed by the Suburban Realtors Alliance, the Pennsylvania Builders Association, the Chester and Delaware County Homebuilders Association, and several residents of the community. The Bonus for Bucks Landlords program offers several types of incentives to landlords and real estate agents involved in Housing Link's fight against housing insecurity by leasing units to tenants participating in the Housing Link program. In many states, the real estate transfer tax is used to finance programs designed to preserve open space in residential or commercial areas and to finance housing programs for low-income residents.

If you need help developing your proposal or attending a settlement conference with your lender, there are credit counseling agencies in Bucks County that can help you out. The settlement conference is a face-to-face meeting between the landlord (the borrower), a neutral mediator (from the Bucks County Bar Association), and the lender (or your attorney) who owns your mortgage. For more information on these programs and services, contact a home locator today! With their help, you can take advantage of all that Bucks County has to offer investors and landlords.