What is the Average Cost of a Home Sold by a Realtor in Bucks County, PA?

The median selling price of a home per square foot in Bucks County, Pennsylvania is an important factor to consider when looking to purchase a property. The registry attorney may defer the session of listed properties for up to 130 days, at any time until the time of sale. Properties can be removed at any time, by the appropriate authority. Interested parties should check the sales list on the website for current updates.

When it comes to real estate fees, home sellers in Pennsylvania typically pay 5.53%, which is slightly higher than the national average of 5.37%. This rate is slightly higher in the city than in the suburbs, according to Brett Rosenthal, real estate agent and team leader for Compass's Revolve Philly Group in Philadelphia. For more information on tax sales or court sales, contact the Bucks County Tax Claims Office by calling 215-348-6274 or by visiting the Tax Claims Office section of the Bucks County website. It's important to note that Bucks County and the Bucks County Sheriff assume no responsibility for information that is inaccurate or falsely presented by plaintiff's attorneys. They also do not represent or guarantee the suitability of this information for your particular purpose and state that, to the extent that you use or implement this information in your own environment, you do so at your own risk. When it comes to buying a home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, it's important to consider all factors involved.

Knowing the median selling price per square foot and understanding real estate fees can help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a property. It's also important to stay up-to-date on current listings and contact the Bucks County Tax Claims Office for more information on tax sales or court sales.