How Bucks County Realtors Determine Their Commission Rates

The Real Estate Professionals Advisory Council (RPAC) works to advocate for legislation that is beneficial to the real estate industry and its customers. No matter which city in Bucks County you live in, there is a top-tier real estate agent who will offer you the best deal when it comes to buying or selling a home. When you work together to make a sale, everyone wins - no matter what market or city you are in within Bucks County. Pennsylvania has a total of 67 counties, with Bucks County ranked number 3 in terms of the number of housing units. The commission rates offered by real estate agents in Bucks County are as low as 1%, significantly lower than the typical 2.81% rate in Pennsylvania.

The best agents provide the same level of service as conventional real estate agents, but at a lower cost. The average commission charged by Pennsylvania real estate agents is 5.53% per sale, which is divided between the real estate agent and the buyer's agent. Working with the top agents from leading Bucks County real estate companies will benefit both home buyers and sellers. Referring friends, family, or acquaintances helps your real estate agent and gives you an advantage in negotiations. According to data from recent years, the best time to sell in Bucks County is August. With 255,768 homes in Bucks County, there are many real estate agents who are trying to earn your business and will tell you that they will work harder for you.

This isn't just a transaction - the best Bucks County real estate agents know what it takes to make it a positive, life-changing experience. Pennsylvania real estate agents are more likely to lower their commission rate if they are confident that they can sell your home quickly and at a high price. The main function of the board, which is comprised of three members, is to determine the current market value of all properties in the county and calculate the corresponding appraisal.